Mar. 17, 2022

Creative Ways to Improve Health and Boost Energy

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Creative Ways to Improve Health and Boost Energy

How many times have you observed someone bright-eyed and bouncing with energy plowing through their day with relentless enthusiasm and wondered how you can bottle that?

Maybe if we could bottle that we wouldn’t be having this conversation about energy levels, yet here we are. Feeling tired and maybe losing a bit of our step can be normal occurrences. Let’s face it--we are busy juggling family, kids, work, life. We might not just be tired, the kind of tired eight hours of sleep can fix. We might just be exhausted physically and mentally and that makes assessing our lifestyle that much more important.

So let’s talk about some steps to metaphorically bottle that energy and improve your health along the way.

Why Are We Tired?

Think about it. We aren’t tired because we missed out on a few hours of sleep. That issue can be a quick course adjustment. Problem solved.  

Why are we suffering from the long-term kind of tiredness that fogs up our brains, makes our bodies listless, and siphons off our motivation for completing even the smallest of tasks?

While we are busy building our careers, taking care of our families, and stacking one responsibility or activity after another, we allow ourselves to become depleted which can lead to bad choices that affect our physical and mental well-being.

Healthy meals become fast food on the go. Exercise becomes a thing of the past while sedentary becomes the new normal. Screens replace meaningful conversation. Stressors cause you to run and hide. Maybe a little bad behavior here and there is not problematic, but if you continue unhealthy habits and practice avoidance you are careening toward an unsustainable lifestyle that can have an enormously detrimental impact on your life.

Let’s talk about some positive steps to take.

What You Eat

It’s no surprise that this is the best place to start. Food plays a huge role in how we can ramp up our health and boost our energy. The foods we eat can be depleting or they can be nourishing. Our food choices have a direct correlation with the energy levels we need to not just function, but also to flourish.

Check out these delicious examples of foods and beverages that can jumpstart and sustain your energy:

  • Not all carbs are bad carbs. Eating complex carbs like oatmeal provides filling, energy-packed nutrients while helping to keep glucose levels in balance.
  • Tree nuts like cashews, walnuts, and almonds contain the element magnesium which directly affects how sugar is processed into the energy we need.
  • Sources of omega-3 such as fatty fish like salmon or dark leafy veggies like arugula or spinach can reduce depression and improve heart health.
  • Fiber provides balance to energy levels with foods like whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits.   
  • Water. Feelings of low energy might just mean we are not hydrating our bodies effectively. We literally wilt. Increase water consumption to increase energy.

If you're concerned about how to make healthy food taste good, you can make some simple changes in your daily diet that don't require you to fully limit what you eat. For example, changing to healthy baking recipes can be as simple as switching from processed, white flour to a healthy alternative like gluten-free flour. The great thing about baking with gluten-free flour is that it doesn't have to change the flavor or texture of your food. 

How You Move

Exercise equals energy. No one can dispute this. The more you move, the better your body responds with renewed energy and the more your brain defogs. Some folks are driven to traditional forms of exercise, but maybe something a little more unusual will provide the movement you need. Some creative ways to add more exercise into your life and learn new skills can include:

  • Fencing
  • Roller skating
  • Rock-climbing
  • Zip-lining
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Trapeze

Atypical exercise routines can be fun, energizing, and can get both your body and mind pumping.

How You Feel

You can incorporate various practices into your daily routines to improve your physical health as well as your mental and emotional health which in turn affects energy levels. The more we actively engage our personal awareness the more in tune we are with what we need to be healthy, energetic, and focused. Take some time to feel sunshine on your face and share in some laughter. 

Reconnect with people and activities that are meaningful. Remind yourself that we are not just partners, parents, and employees. We are whole beings that require nourishment to come from all directions. Acknowledging this can help improve the state of our physical health as well as boost our energy levels so that they become so great they can never be bottled.

If you want to try making subtle adjustments to the everyday foods you already enjoy, try baking with gluten-free flour, which makes it easy to adhere to healthy baking recipes without wondering how to make healthy food taste good.


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